selected poems.


DIAGRAM: "They Call St. Louis the River City, But Once Someone Called it the Lion of the Valley"

Flypaper Lit: "Girls' Night at the Saturnine Aquarium"

The Hellebore: "Side Affectation"

Poetry Northwest: "Time in the Love Of"

CutBank: "Cows"


Glass: A Journal of Poetry: "Take Me In Your Tender Arms, Roll Me in the Dirt"

HAD: "We Should Rob Banks Together"

Peach Mag: "There's An Angel At the End"

The Boiler: "Choice Paralysis," "Contrapposto," & "Where Will You Go Now?"

DEAR: "Chiaroscuro"

Redivider: "On Seeing My Favorite Instagram Lesbian Couple Has Broken Up, I Begin to Question Love & Thereafter Unravel" (runner-up for the 2021 Beacon Street Prize for Poetry)


Vagabond City Lit"Bitter Pastoral"

Landfill: "Blue is the Warmest Colour Can Kiss My Ass"


Foglifter: "The Hedges Are Burning / No, They Are Just On Fire" (Print)


You Flower / You Feast: "[REDACTED] as Harry Styles Album, with Line From Elizabeth Bishop"


Nashville Review: "Postcard"


Homology Lit: "Acanthamoeba Keratitis"


Kissing Dynamite: "As Night Draws Its Sad Face Across the Window"


Passages North: "Grief Hot Dog" (nominated for Best of the Net)


wmn zine: "Dyke" (Print)


Best Buds! Collective: "Omniscience as Mirror"


Sonora Review: "When I Watched An Old Movie & Realized Everyone In It Must Be Dead Now—" (Print)


Arcturus: "Poem Formerly Known as an Apology" & "A Door Unhinges Faster than a Bullet Flies"


Lavender Review: "Poem to be Read As A Eulogy" (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)


Ghost City Review: "Poem to be Read Without Anyone Else in the Room"

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