select publications.

"The Hedges Are Burning / No, They Are Just On Fire" — Foglifter Vol. 5 Issue 2 (2020)

"We've Gotta Get to the Bottom of It All," "Exploding Whale," & "[REDACTED] as Harry Styles album, with Line From Elizabeth Bishop" — mutiny! (2020)

"Postcard" — Nashville Review (2020)

"Acanthamoeba Keratitis" — Homology Lit (2020)

"As Night Draws Its Sad Face Across the Window" — Kissing Dynamite (2020)

"Ornithology" & "I'm Reading a Book About Disease on the Train" Grub Street (2020)

"Grief Hot Dog" — Passages North (2020, nominated for Best of the Net)

"Dyke" — wmn zine (2019)

"Omniscience as Mirror" — Best Buds! Collective (2019)

"Poem Where the Poet Lies Through Her Teeth" — my loves: a digital queer anthology (ghost city press) (2019)

"When I Watched An Old Movie & Realized Everyone In It Must Be Dead Now—" — Sonora Review (2019)

"Poem Formerly Known As An Apology" & "A Door Unhinges Faster Than a Bullet Flies" — Arcturus (2019)

"Poem to be Read As A Eulogy" — Lavender Review (2018, nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

"Poem to be Read Without Anyone Else in the Room" — Ghost City Review (2018)

"Sonnet for Harry Styles & Masculine Postmortem" — LEVELER (2018)

"Viaticum" — Spiral Orb (2017)

"Pools" — Academy of American Poets (2017)




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